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Stay healthy

pumping up your artery by cardio, the best way and the most common way is jogging.

Stay active

bored to sit all day in the office, let’s wake up your body by Jogging. Activate your brain, nerve, cell and the spirit that flow within your blood, stay active.

Let’s degeneration

many study has shown the cardio exercise can help you to stay younger compared to the other without, the oxygen flow into your brain and your cells is the key, and all you need to do is run.

SLet’s connect

What is real ? The social media linked everyone through virtual reality; we wish to link everyone through concrete reality. By running..


Let’s connect in the real world

We connecting peoples

Description - At the year of 2004, peoples started to use social media to connect each other through the internet. The media was so powerful and useful to share and stay tuned for the information you wish to know, but slowly people start to confused what is real, the virtual reality or the concrete reality. How long you never take a break and do some activity with the one your love? How long you never really talk to the person that just sitting beside you during dinner or lunch?

If you missed that, we provide you the opportunity to connect back to those you care about, friends, family or your love. Let’s take a walk or a run with the one you care about in the real world, don’t keep looking at the screen, feel the wind and the air that provided by our mother nature, love her and she will love you back.

De Picco Events is the company that provide event planning services, event coordination, design conceptualization and decoration to the stage, roadshow or annual dinner.

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