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Marathon Program

Marathon is one of the special project that the founder wanted to promote, the reason being was they both like exercise very much. When they are young, they always run together in the early morning, sometime the distance could be very much up to 50km per day.

After the glory has been made, they stop the activity many years till now for no reason, after a reflection they believe the way to stay healthy sometime need motivation and momentum, so they back on training and this time they wanted to call more people to do it together with them.

The rules are simple, when a new marathon program was launch, if you like to try it, you just have to do a simple registration by using the pre-uploaded form in the event page, and after your challenge is done, share the result to the webpage and the medal will send to you base on your designated address.

Understanding of Event Management Services

The special event industry has grown enormously in the past decade around the world. Why do you need to hire event planners? Most of the reason was peoples often find themselves lack of expertise and time to do whatever necessary task to bring up a successful event.

The event management services can be categories into 2 types (social & corporate), social usually involve more various type of small scale events like birthday party, open house or anniversary party, the corporate type of event included the nonprofit charities works sometime. Either way these categories are serve base on the general purpose:

  • Celebration (wedding, birthday, anniversary party, open house, sweet 21 party, baby boomer mature party, reunions, company annual dinner and etc.)
  • Education (graduations show, meetings, seminar, conference and etc.)
  • Promotion (product launch road show, charities show, fashion show and etc.)

Standard Services

De Picco Events management do provide different type of standard services for the various customers need, simple listing to refer below:

  • Doing research for the particular event with special theme
  • Look for the suitable site for the particular event
  • Arranging catering
  • Arranging transport for the special event location
  • Sending invitation for attendees
  • Arranging accommodation for attendees
  • Coordination to the activities of event personnel
  • Supervising for the event site
  • Conducting evaluation for the event
  • Design & Decoration

Design & Decoration

Design for the particular event could be separate into (design & design and build), the first one is only provide design concept compare to the second design and build will be include everything from the design conceptualization until everything done, the customer does not have to do anything but to make decision on the design concept selection.

Decoration job will be more to the small project for example a birthday or open house party at home, that will be include hanging decoration items to the ceiling or windows, paste some graphic on a wall. Yes, every single little small thing as long as you find yourself not time to do, please highlight to De Picco Events during the consultation.


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